The Countdown Show Starring YOU!

Radio Imaging ServicesQuestion: Why let someone that none of your listeners know control your station brand, and count down the top songs that they come to your station to hear?

That’s where we come in!

The Brown Bag Countdown allows YOUR personalities to count down the hits! They can promote their shows, cross promote others, and talk about station events all while counting down the top songs on your station!

When you team up with the Brown Bag Countdown we do all the heavy lifting.

Every Wednesday you will get:

 A script with information on the artist and the chart position of the song.

 Artist Audio talking about the song.

 A list of all 20 songs in the countdown.

 Countdown numbers (shouts or sonovox). All this for only $59.95 a month!

But wait, there’s MORE!

For an additional $49.95 a month we will fully produce your countdown and send it back to you in 4 segments. All you have to do is get your personalities to read the script and send it to us and we will professionally produce your countdown show!

A Few Demos

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