Fundraiser in a Box

My name is Jake Sommers and I used to be a cocaine addict and alcoholic, but Jesus changed me from the inside out. I was a “big time” radio personality and started to live that lifestyle…drugs, booze… It ended up almost killing me physically and it did kill me on the inside. I lost everything: my family, my friends, my home, and my mind. There is so much of the story to tell, but I got sober on March 16th, 2002, and rededicated my life to following Jesus. I had the chance to take my years of secular radio experience into Christian radio and I took it. Christian radio helps keep ME sober and on the right path.  I drew strength from the music and also from interacting with listeners that were struggling with issues.  They were excited to hear that a Christian DJ was having the same issues they were fighting with.Affordable Christian Radio Fundraisers

During my years in Christian Radio, I have done many Share-a-thons, Care-a-thons, Fundraisers, and Friendraisers, for Spring, Fall, and Year-End, and I know that fundraising is always a challenge especially for stations that are short staffed. That is where we can help.

Fundraiser in a Box is an affordable, complete fundraising package.

How We Help

Your Voice

  • Most stations like to use their own station voice and on air personalities and we make it very easy to do!
  • We send you the scripts for them to read (or you provide your own scripting) and then you send us back the audio files.
  • Using local talent can make your fundraiser more successful.

Our Voice

  • You send us the copy and we will use our audio files to compile teasers, countdowns, volunteer requests, testimonials and all the donation request spots.
  • We send you the produced segments for you to place into rotation.
  • We even provide listener testimonials.*

All packages are customized for your needs. We will provide one on one phone consultations to make sure we get everything right. We stay right there with you during the whole fundraiser to produce challenges and more, saving you time and money on production.

*The listeners and testimonials we have gathered over time are a direct reflection of your listeners and keep you from having to record listener calls.

You Collect and Get 100% of the funds you raise!

The Plans

Pay In Advance & Save

  • Save Over $100.00.
  • Easy on the pocket.
  • You set the date we produce it.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

ONLY $199.00

4 Easy Payments

  • Paid before the event starts.
  • We send you a invoice each month.
  • We produce your awesome fundraiser.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

$75.00 Each

Earn First – Pay Later

  • Pay after your event.
  • Great for budgetary constraints.
  • We bill you after your fundraiser.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Contact us NOW and get 40% OFF our already low prices!

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal Payments. Discounts available for stations that run multiple fundraisers each year. Contact us for info.